A program for the development of community language schools

Pathways to Improvement (PIP)

PIP’s mandate is to assist new community languages schools wishing to apply for OMI grant funding to develop portfolios which demonstrated the each school’s at stage 1 Registration in PIP. Schools that have already achieved Stage 1 are able to either elect to maintain or extend their achievement against PIP standards and outcomes.

The purpose and education activities of the PIP support team and mentors include:

  1. Guiding individual community languages schools through a developmental and evaluation process;
  2. Providing community languages schools with information and resources to assess their effectiveness;
  3. Advising community languages schools on ways to address the PIP standards and outcomes;
  4. Sharing examples of good practice;
  5. Providing feedback on portfolio submissions to assist community language schools to capture their respective achievements; and
  6. Meeting with the principals, administrator, coordinators and teachers of community languages schools who were compiling PIP portfolios to facilitate and assist with their developmental stages.

To be eligible for per capita funding, community language schools must develop their respective Pathways to Improvement portfolios to meet the Registration Stage.